2021/Qingdao, China

The New Growth Drivers Fair is an open window and international cooperation platform created by the Shandong Provincial Party Committee Government to promote the implementation of the new and old kinetic energy conversion national development strategy.

The fair aims at innovation and cooperation to promote the conversion of old and new kinetic energy,using results display, planning vision display, product display, technology display, thematic recommendation, project release, docking negotiation and other methods to display the results of the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, to explore emerging industries and the development ways and means of the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries, to develop trade and investment negotiations, based in Shandong, serving the whole country, facing the world, gathering global forces, sharing win-win situation, fostering new momentum and promoting new development.

2021 New Growth Drivers·Qingdao Fair and “Qingdao multinationals Summit” continue to be held concurrently,continuing the theme of "Cooperation promotes development·Innovation stimulates momentum", invited the world's top 500 enterprises, multinational enterprises, China's top 500 enterprises, industry leaders, unicorns, gazelle enterprises, investment and financing institutions, business associations, key enterprises of Shandong Province, key development zones, research institutes and R & D institutions participate in the exhibition.The 2nd Fair will open the Qingdao International Convention Center Halls 1, 2, 3, 7 with a total exhibition area of 35,000 square meters.


Tang En

President and CEO of Continental Automotive Holding Co.,Ltd.

Mao Yunan

Chairman of China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd

Zhu Hai

President of Schneider & CIE(China) Co., Ltd

Dr.Chen Yudong

President of Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd

Zhu Zhiyang

President of Fair Friend Group

Liu Qingfeng

Chairman and President of HKUST Xunfei Co., Ltd

Yang Lei

Founder and CEO of Hello travel (Shanghai Junzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd

Zhang Yong

Chairman and General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Computing Co.,Ltd

Yu Yingtao

President and CEO of H3C Co., Ltd

Esben Østergaard

Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Universal Robots

David N. Farr

Chairman and CEO of Emerson Process Management Co., Ltd

Du Ruizhe

President and CEO of Honeywell

Xu Shaochun

Founder, chairman and CEO of Kingdee Co., Ltd

Bo Danning


Ke Ruisi

Executive Vice President and Member of the Executive Committee of ABB Group

Liu Rixing

Chairman of YUYLE Textile Co.,Ltd

Zhao Jinquan

Director,Chief executive of Greater China of Debenham Thouard Zadelhoff

Chen Xueli

Chairman of WEGO Co., Ltd

Wen Yong

General manager of Shandong Branch of China Telecom Co., Ltd

Peng Shengjun

General manager of Shandong Branch of China United Network Communications Co., Ltd

Zhang Xuan

General manager of China Mobile Communications Group Shandong Co., Ltd

Sun Pishu

Chairman of INSPUR Co., Ltd

Zhang Zhigang

Chairman of JIER Group co. Ltd

Tan Xuguang

Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group

Alessio Pulcini

Alessio Pulcini,General manager of DEUTZ FAHR Co., Ltd

Zhang Ruimin

Chairman and CEO of Haier

Gao Mingzuo

Chairman of Qingdao Baojia Group Co., Ltd

Lin Fenghua

Chairman of Binzhou Bohai Piston Co., Ltd

He Yu

Chairman of CGN Group Co., Ltd

Zhang Lei

Founder and CEO of Envision Group

Wang Junhua

Board of Directors and President of Shandong Chambroad Holding Co., Ltd

Guan Yingui

Chairman of Shandong GRAD Co., Ltd

Wang Xicheng

Chairman of Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd

Zhang Bo

Chairman of China Hongqiao Group Limited

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